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Devilcorp’s Dirty Little Tricks

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware of the abundance of negative reports available online.  People in their thousands have taken the time to warn their fellow man about the horrendous working conditions and lack of monetary reward regardless of whether or not you can sell.

Like a vampire from a B-grade film, this company has sucked blood from millions all so the few at the top of the pyramid can live in their mansions and fill their stomachs with caviar.  It’s a regular Nosferatu trawling the Internet and hoping to abscond with your children.


Although the great majority of reports are accurate, they don’t tell the full story.  Most reports come from ex-employees who’ve spent a very short time with Devilcorp and are unaware of the true evil that lurks behind their thin veneer of decency.  No strong-willed individual would ever put up with their bullshit and will usually leave well before they find out about the demonic despotism that best describes this boorish business.

It’s no secret that the vast majority of “owners” are uncouth criminals who prey on desperate job seekers.  Unfortunately, their regional managers and national consultants (VPs) are much worse.  Like the Mafia, a foot soldier in the Devilcorp crime family doesn’t get to be the boss till he’s stepped on the throats of the innocent.


The inner circle of this uncultured cult prides its self on being ruthless, conniving, and cold-hearted.  They’re always on the lookout for the weak of will in order to first steal from them then mold them into despicable parasites who’ll do the same to others.  They are repugnant and what they’re doing is unconscionable and indefensible.

Below are some of the tricks used by Devilcorp to corral the masses.


Devilcorp starts its relationship with employees by lying in order to ensnare them in an interview.  They promise positions in marketing, advertising, and management knowing full well these jobs do not exist.

Why not?  They deliberately search for the weak so why not start with outright lies to separate the wheat from the chaff?

Their subsidiaries use similar and often identical advertisements to lure unsuspecting job hunters.  If you start looking at job boards, you’ll see the same advertisements being posted all over the country.  This is quite the coincidence considering that their affiliates are independent entities.



Knowing all too well their organization is terrible, Devilcorp needs to post positive comments about themselves online.  This is necessary because nobody would ever write anything complimentary about their business.

All you have to do is go to career or complaint websites to see what I’m referring to.  You’ll find that most honest posts are rated one star with in-depth accounts of every facet of their scam.  People have written pages and pages warning the world about what Devilcorp will do to them.  You will then find some positive reviews which are vague and hardly ever mention the true nature of the position.  They do this in order to improve their ratings.

They also post rebuttals on Ripoff Report and get their secretaries to flag Craigslist postings warning job seekers of the miserable position they’ll be applying for.



The fact that Devilcorp steals from its reps is not in dispute.  Even if they didn’t rip their people off, they’d still be stealing because it’s their reps who do the work while the powers that be profit the most.

Although most employees will be with the company for a very short time and not care about getting their last paycheck as they run towards the door, those who remain will be controlled with their own money.

Devilcorp will control the herd by holding its pay back for three weeks.  Anyone who’s spent time with this wretched business knows that reps who quit seldom get their last checks.  This is just another tool used to keep people coming back seeing as no one wants to lose the money they’ve already earned.

Owners are controlled in much the same way.  In order to be promoted to ownership, slaves must give this shabby institution power of attorney over their bank accounts.  Once owners start to ask questions, they’ll be denied access to their cash.

Who in their right mind would give power of attorney over their own bank account?



Keeping in mind that reps generate all revenue, Devilcorp regularly demeans and berates the stars who make the most sales.  These people will be put on a pedestal during the morning meeting giving all who work in the office something to aspire to.  They then will be pulled aside and told they really aren’t that good.

Best in the office?  They’ll point to the best in the state.  Best in the state?  They’ll point to a rep in California who just happened to beat you last week.  Best in the nation?  No problem.  They will find a way to put you down because why should someone so good be stuck with such a crummy job?  They don’t want you to know how good you are because you might wake up and realize you’re doing all the work.

The abhorrent clan overseeing this crude shakedown doesn’t generate revenue and its members are nothing more than useless eaters.  Some take home millions of dollars every year by sitting on their behinds and telling tall tales.  They want you in a state of confusion and insecurity to keep you selling for as long as possible.  They believe putting you down will make you want to prove them wrong by writing more deals.  These are genuinely filthy people who’ll use every dirty trick in the book to get you to sell.

demeaning employees


An ideal Devilcorp office would be one where reps only speak with the owner and not with each other.  No office is ideal so what an owner will do is determine which reps are intelligent and not 100%  committed to the business then make sure they never spend any time together.

Most owners are aware of the company’s true nature and know that if like-minded reps are paired, the conversation will inevitably turn to the depraved and sadistic tactics used by this monstrosity of an organization.

Owners understand this is the worst job in the world run by the worst company in the universe and know that if the seed of doubt is planted, it will eventually take hold.  All that would be required is for a rep to have a bad week or be ripped off and voila, they’ll walk away like the millions who’ve walked before them.

Eventually, everyone wakes up and quits so separating free thinkers allows Devilcorp to delay the inevitable and make a few extra bucks along the way.

DS-MAX (2)


Just as reps are trained to manipulate customers, owners are trained to manipulate reps by identifying their “hot buttons”.  Hot buttons are the goals of individual reps and once recognized, will be used against them for the duration of their time in the business.

Devilcorp believes all goals fall into one of the following categories: Fortune, Freedom, Family, Fame, or Faith (the five F’s).  For example, if a rep loves his family and wants to spend time with them, he will be told to give everything to the company in order to enjoy time with his family in the future.  Fortune?  A rep who wants money will be told to suffer through the initial stages of the business in order to experience a lifetime of carefree living once financial freedom is attained.

Starting to see a pattern?  Whatever your dream, just “trust the system” and eventually it will come true.

Needless to say, none of these promises will be delivered upon. Devilcorp is just aligning itself with the aspirations of its reps so it can take as much as possible before moving on to the next sacrificial lamb.



It’s one of their oldest tricks and how some offices increase the day’s sales without spending a single cent.  If you’ve read this far, you know that dishonesty is this company’s modus operandi and shouldn’t be surprised by how they motivate their sales staff.

During the morning meeting, an owner will announce that there will be a sales competition for the day and the winner will receive x amount of dollars.  The desperate and hungry for money reps will rush to the field and give it their all in the hope of winning the prize and with everyone trying to make as many sales as possible, the office benefits greatly because there’s usually noticeable raise in the day’s production.

If the winning rep is new and unaware of Devilcorp’s dishonorable strategy, he’ll go to work the next morning expecting to be paid only to have his ears filled with lies.  “Yes you’ll be paid but we have to wait for the sales to install” or “ your prize money will be included in the check for this week” (a check which won’t be due for another three weeks and by that time the rep will usually be long gone).  If by some strange occurrence the competition winner still there in a month’s time, he’ll be blessed with even more lies like “oh, two of those sales cancelled so you didn’t actually win that competition after all”. 

Just keep lying through your teeth, get them to sell, and when they realize they’re being deceived and leave, give them nothing.  The corporate-culture of this ignoble sect can easily be compared to the mentality of a Third World dictator meandering through the countryside and laying waste to every village in his path.



Although the System & Nomenclature post outlines some of the manipulative tactics used by Devilcorp to brainwash the gullible, it would be negligent not to write about the essence of their rotten trade.  Revenue is generated in the field so one might be forgiven for believing this to be a direct sales profession.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  This is a dream building business and those in the know refer to it as “the secret sauce”.

Nobody wants a career in direct sales so Devilcorp endeavors to constantly assault employees with mental trickery ensuring they concentrate on the future.  Ask reps and they’ll tell you they’re paying their dues in order to be promoted.  Ask owners and they’ll say they’re working towards being a regional or national.  The trick is to keep people thinking about the next step so their minds aren’t focused on the lousy job at hand.

The morning meeting, conference calls, personal calls, and team nights go a long way towards accomplishing this goal yet pale in significance when compared to their nefarious conventions.  A Devilcorp convention is where their most successful managers tell tales of overcoming adversity and going from rags to riches (lies).  You’ll hear from owner after owner urging you to stick with their dreadful business because money only comes to those who “don’t know how to quit”.

It’s incredible that something so artificial would work on so many people and they occur with such frequency that there’s always one just around the corner.  This is done by design.  Most reps can only handle a few months of direct sales before running like Carl Lewis and when you take into account the schemes employed by this uncivilized undertaking, that time can easily be halved.  Having a regional or national convention every couple of months gives Devilcorp the opportunity to salvage as many reps as possible.

The subterfuge continues well after being promoted because owners have their own conferences and a yearly R&R (that’s where an owner holidays with other owners because heaven forbid you should spend any time away from their beastly vocation).

This distasteful company is all about taking over people’s lives with a view to squeezing every last drop before they wake up, see the light, and resign.   It’s a brutal cult where individuality is not tolerated and all are made to worship the organization and believe that no success can be achieved unless through Devilcorp.



To emphasize that the group takes precedence over its individual members, Devilcorp habitually degrades and abases its sales force for poor performance.  It could be something as minor as a pie in the face all the way through to sexual misconduct.  The video footage coming out of their offices is incredible and questions the character of the individuals who control this inhumane circus.  

Apparently, giving your entire life to these people for nothing in return is simply not enough and you should be made to experience plenty of indignity during your servitude.  It’s all about turning you into a mindless slave who’ll do what they want with no questions asked.

pie in face 2


In much the same way a rep is made to work in order to fund his owner’s escapades, Devilcorp gets owners to fund theirs.  They convince managers that promoting their top guys will end up putting more money in their pockets but it’s just more Devilcorp BS designed to get others to do the work.

Although owners are known for telling reps that promoting them is in their best interests, they’re only happy to promote when their pipeline is filled with others ready to to take over.  Managers make much less from reps they advance and usually open new offices only to appease the powers that be who place an incredible amount of pressure on them.  It’s in the best interests of the parent company to have as many owners as possible because that means more bank accounts to control.  This business is about quantity, not quality.

What they’re doing is using their managers to expand their network. They cannibalize owners’ offices and send reps to rural locations where the possibility of finding genuine talent is nonexistent.  Is it any wonder why most “outside deals” fail sending many owners back on a “retrain”?  Meanwhile, the promoting owner just lost his best guys and is stuck having to start all over again.

puppet master


Considering the amount of bad press they’ve accumulated, parent companies have found it wise to post online in order to drown out the negative reviews and the mountain of frightful articles.  They flood the Internet with blogs, You Tube videos, Facebook pages, and in recent times have raised the bar by issuing ‘press releases’ to organizations like PR Newswire to ensure their digital footprint is not mired in filth.  They do this in order to dupe employees, potential recruits, and future clients.

Their tricky attempt at convincing the public of Devilcorp’s decency is similar to Pol Pot attempting to convince the masses of his respectability through this professional portrait.

pol pot


If you’re ever feeling down or should I say “negged out”, try looking at websites created by the street-level offices of Devilcorp.  The blatant use of horseshit prevalent in each and every site is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Almost everyone is familiar with vague websites.  Sites that make you scratch your head because after arriving at their home page and spending five minutes analyzing the corporate-speak and stock photographs, you have no idea what they actually do.  Devilcorp relies on such sites to keep a steady stream of victims flowing into their offices.

They’re full of great lines like “W.X.Y.Z. corporation was created to acquire and retain customers in a personalized manner for all types of companies” or “L.M.N.O.P. company strives to be the perfect combination of entrepreneurial spirit, superb client service, and successful business professionals”.

These websites have quotes from well-known businessmen, motivational pictures, and sometimes include links to articles in the misguided hope they’ll appear as legitimate businesses.  They preach the gospel of success even though most of their owners are living hand to mouth.  Their sites are nothing more than nets used to trap human beings in order to run them through the horrific Devilcorp meat grinder.



When I think back on my Devilcorp experience, memories of their conference calls seem to stand out the most.  The doublespeak that spews from their mouths is a work of art and would easily make them the Michelangelos of nonsense.

These calls are the most Orwellian pieces of propaganda you’ll ever have the pleasure of listening to.  I tell you they’re pleasurable with a hint of sarcasm because once you know what they’re up to, you can’t help but marvel at the spectacle of brainwashed reps nodding their heads in agreement while waiting for the unavoidable cry of JUICE.

Although their calls warrant an entire article, I would like to focus on one recurring theme.  Money in the bank.  When they mention money, it’s always about how much an owner has in the bank.  “This owner has $45k in the bank” or “that owner has 70”.  It’s almost as if they want you to believe having your money in the bank is the most praiseworthy accomplishment.

Glorifying owners who keep their money in the bank makes perfect sense because so long as it’s in the bank, legally it belongs to Devilcorp.

keeping the money


For some, sales are hit-and-miss and in this appalling business, people are quitting all the time.  Occasionally, entire teams quit. What happens then?  Owners are responsible for their commercial lease, electricity, internet, office supplies, and hub fee (that’s where you pay Devilcorp to control your cash).  What happens when an owner loses his team and doesn’t have any money?  Devilcorp might offer to lend some because…

A.  Ponzi schemes usually don’t turn people away.

B.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find owners willing to play their sick and twisted games?

They’ll put on a big show telling an owner he’s lucky to be with a company that’s willing to help and in the future will remind him of this magnanimous act.  It’s all just smoke and mirrors because what they’ve actually done is kept an office alive while ensuring its owner’s never-ending enslavement to the company.

Owing money to these people will be your very own sword of Damocles.  It’s a loan, not a gift, and if you allow them, Devilcorp will always get their pound of flesh.

sword of d


Although the aim is to take as much as possible from your reps, constantly ripping people off will dishearten them and ensure they quit well before you can suck them dry.  What an owner will do is occasionally steal a little less to give the rep just enough hope to keep coming back.

They like to start early with those who can sell and give them a decent check in the first few weeks so they’ll believe there’s a genuine opportunity with this train wreck of a company.  After that, usually about once a month, they’ll be given a little more of their money in the hope they’ll be reinvigorated and make more sales to be stolen from.

Selling for this street gang is like being imprisoned in a Soviet forced labor camp during the coldest of Siberian winters while working your fingers to the bone for Stalin’s Gulag.

uncle joe


Would you believe that of the millions who’ve walked, not a single soul ever quit?

Owners prefer not to mention those who leave but if pressed, will say they were fired then wheel out the company’s excuses.  It’s always the same old malarkey like “so and so had a bad attitude”, “couldn’t take it”, “couldn’t sell” and occasionally they’ll accuse the departed of participating in illegal activities.  If by chance an office knows certain reps quit, the owner will chastise these wise retirees claiming “they were losers who couldn’t capitalize on a winning lottery ticket” or something to that effect.

They often demand that nobody speak with ex-employees because no manager needs their reps knowing the truth.  This is the business of blaming others and who better to blame than those not there to defend themselves.

A Devilcorp sales office is a house of cards and once the seed of doubt is planted, it can spread like wildfire leaving an owner with no one to exploit.  Managers must convince their staff of there never being a legitimate reason to resign and that’s why everyone gets “fired”.

The company must appear to be infallible so Devilcorp is, has, and will never be at fault when dealing with those who turn their backs on this mockery of a corporation.



Whatever the offense, sin, or transgression, Devilcorp is never culpable.  They’ve compartmentalized the organization to such a degree that no matter happens, they just blame their underlings, sever their connection with the company then go find the next sucker.

Knowing that it takes reps a few months to perfect their pitch and be able to sell at will and keeping in mind that the average lifespan of a “new guy” is about a week, Devilcorp bridged the disconnect by allowing its pawns to maximize profit by unknowingly lying to its customers.  They tell lies and half lies to their two day old sales force who go out and retell them with the enthusiasm that only new hires would bring to the job.  These fresh entities go to the field knowing how combat the most common objections with incorrect product knowledge that makes their offer seem spectacular.  Hardly any of them will be back next week so why not get what you can while they’re there?

When a rep is caught lying, an owner will act surprised then reprimand or fire the offending party for the benefit of the client before carrying on with business as usual.

When owners are exposed in the community, the parent company will put on a big song and dance, pretend that they’re astounded then either move the office to a different program or cancel its contract altogether.  It’s a charade that should be wearing thin considering how often their managers are being exposed.

If by chance a parent company is uncovered, Devilcorp will usually just change names or create a new corporation and move its reps there.

Theirs is a system in which every ounce of blame is directed towards their subordinates. No matter what the problem, just act as if you’re amazed and astonished then point the finger at the people under you.



In my time with this loathsome syndicate, I never met an owner, regional manager, or national consultant who didn’t change their business name at least once.  Some of these guys have name changes numbering in the double digits and that’s no surprise considering their parent company has changed names many times.

The Internet would have to be the worst thing that’s ever happened to these people.  We now live in an age where truth may be told and demons like those who run this contemptible business can be exposed.

There is no legitimate reason for a company to keep changing its name.  Fortunately, most of us know that Devilcorp and its subsidiaries are anything but legitimate.

new name


Theirs is just about the worst job in the world.  It’s cold calling sales with every hellacious mind trick being played on you for the duration of your stay at Devilcorp.  As part of their brainwashing program, they like to tell stories about people who’ve ‘succeeded’ in the business in order to legitimize their con and make you believe that it will all be worth it in the end.

“Look at Javier, he started in the business just last year not knowing one word of English and he’s already a millionaire”,  or “Jason used to work at Taco Bell but now he owns half of New York because he knocked on some doors selling AT&T U-verse”.  Ridiculous stories are being told about how much money can be made in such a short amount time all to make you run to the field and sell so your owner can stay afloat while those at the top reap the rewards while laughing about how they’ve managed to get thousands of people all over the world to chase a dream that will never be achieved.

They’re lies, just like the lie some people tell about Moshe Dayan being a hero when in fact he’s a war criminal for his involvement in atrocities like the Al-Dawayima massacre.


Cydcor, Smart Circle, Credico and Appco Group are all the same pyramid scheme.