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A Corporate Horror Story With All The Misery Of Humanity Packed Into One Scam

DS-MAX, Smart Circle, Cydcor, Innovage, Granton, Quantum, The Landers Group, Cobra Group, PerDM, Credico, Appco Group, Optimo International, Socio Max, etc., are the exact same company.  They all have the same system, run the same scam, and are owned by the same people.  They all have a “management training program”, incorporate their managers in order to avoid lawsuits, post misleading advertisements on career websites, and lie and cheat like it’s going out of style.  Having all these names is the only way to keep their racket alive because it makes it harder for people to find out who they’re working for. 

Just think about it.  Why do they have so many names?  If they were doing good deeds, they wouldn’t need to hide within their nested spheres of deception and duplicity.  If they were doing the right thing, they would gather their entire organization under one banner and proudly advertise themselves to the world.  Instead, they change names like people change underwear and continue their fraud with different identities so new employees don’t know who they’re working for. 


#10 You’ve been employed by your company for four months and it’s changed its name more than once.

#9 You tell relatives and acquaintances you’re working on an “advertising campaign” but you’re really selling products door-to-door, inside of major retailers, collecting for charity, or hustling junk in a box on street corners.

#8 You have to go to the office every morning and participate in cult-like rituals meant to brainwash you on their business. You work twelve hours a day, six days a week and spend all your free time with co-workers.

#7 Your management training involves you buying lunch for new recruits.  You realize you’re not a manager nor are you participating in any management training.  You believe you’re only “in the field” in order to get your own office.

#6 You look down on “9-5 schmucks” who have secretaries that make more than you and your entire team combined.

#5 You espouse the principles and theories of the most successful people on earth who would absolutely be repulsed by the business you’re in. 

#4 You work 70+ hours a week but quietly borrow money from your sixteen year old neighbor who works at McDonald’s.  

#3 You eat fast food more than ten times a week or can’t afford to eat out at all.

#2 You live in a two bedroom apartment with 6 co-workers and one of them is your boss.

#1 You work for an organization that has in just three decades screwed more than a million people while only the select few at the top of the pyramid have actually made any real money. 

If you can say yes to any of these signs, you should probably run. 

Devil Corp is the most maligned company you’ll ever have the misfortune of working for.  It is without a doubt the most vicious, evil-minded, and hostile work environment you’ll ever have to suffer.  This consortium profits by exploiting its employees and they’ll work you like a farm animal and give you nothing for your time.  They offer slave hours for slave wages disguised as an opportunity for financial freedom and their “owners” are nothing more than professional dream sellers who’ll do anything to keep you around as long as possible.  Drug dealers deserve more respect.

Smart Circle International Larry

The dream of owning your own business is just a dream because there are no business owners at Devil Corp.  Anyone unfortunate enough to be promoted will be required to give the company power of attorney over their corporation and bank account.  They incorporate their managers only to have a ready-made scapegoat for when things go wrong.  You’ll be maltreated by this organization in ways you thought were not possible.  It is a barbarous cult. 

If you Google search any name in this post followed by the word scam, you’ll find an oversupply of complaints and testimonials damning the company.  The lives that have been ruined due to the greed of the “people” who run this abomination are countless.  The turnover rate is amazingly high and they like it that way because it’s much easier to dupe someone who hasn’t witnessed the perverted, vile, and nauseating activities of this enterprise. 

Since the creation of the Internet, we’ve been warned about this business and that’s why they keep changing names.  First, they were Wholesale Warehousing Industries then DS-MAX.  After DS-MAX, they split the company in three becoming Granton Marketing, Cydcor, and Innovage.  Granton has since changed its name to Smart Circle and their international branch which was known as Cobra Group is now Appco Group.  Another notable mention would be PerDM changing names to Credico. 

Please consider investigating these claims for yourself.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  Then take into account the fact that all their subsidiaries go by different names and come to the realization that they have used thousands of them.  It’s the only way to keep new recruits in the dark and it’s a necessary safeguard because this organization has stepped on people for decades. 

In a perfect world, the light of truth would be shone on this business like a kitchen light being turned on in the dead of night exposing a solitary cockroach.  Although this world is not perfect, I hope this site will do its part in uncovering the tangled web of lies being woven by the company on a daily basis.  If you just take some time to research this darkness, you’ll find reports from an army of disaffected, dissatisfied, and aggrieved ex-employees all saying the same thing.  Stay away! 

Appco Group UK

Cydcor, Smart Circle, Credico, and Appco Group are all the same pyramid scheme and this is the site they dare not take to court.

DS-Max Avie Roth

‘America’s Finest City’  SAN DIEGO CITY COUNCIL:  MAYOR KEVIN L. FAULCONER, BARBARA BRY, LORIE ZAPF, CHRIS WARD, MYRTLE COLE, MARK KERSEY, CHRIS CATE, SCOTT SHERMAN, DAVID ALVAREZ, GEORGETTE GÓMEZ.  OTHER LOCAL POLITICIANS WHO JUST SO HAPPEN TO BE MTS BOARD MEMBERS:  RON HALL, DAVID ARAMBULA, LORIE BRAGG, GUY MCWHIRTHER, JIM CUNNINGHAM, MONA RIOS, MIKE DIAZ, MARY CASILLAS SALAS, BILL SANDKE, BOB MCCLELLAN.  Brand Ambassador,職位欺詐, الاحتيال في العمل, fraude à l’emploi , απάτη εργασίας, नौकरी धोखाधड़ी, lavoro fraudolento, 仕事の詐欺, penipuan pekerjaan, lavoro fraudolento, oszustwo pracy, ਨੌਕਰੀ ਧੋਖਾਧੜੀ , fraude de emprego, 고용 사기, jobbbedrägeri, નોકરી છેતરપીંડી, fraude laboral, мошенничество с работой, หลอกลวงงาน , gian lận công việc, Employment Fraud, từ thiện, عمولة فقط, 只有佣金, komisyon lamang, commission seulement, μόνο προμήθεια, केवल कमीशन, solo commissioni, 手数料のみ, 커미션 만, door to door sales, 피라미드 방식, huis-aan-huisverkoop, ピラミッド方式, 门到门销售, 門到門銷售, باب الى باب المبيعات, schemat piramidy, vendas porta a porta, схема пирамиды, skim piramid, ਪਿਰਾਮਿਡ ਸਕੀਮ, โครงการปิรามิด, esquema de pirâmide, Capital Growth South Africa, The Unlimited, AT&T.

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    F.A.S.T. Global Marketing
    Fabian Morgan
    Fair Dinkum Direct
    Fair Dinkum Direct Inc
    Fairview Advertising
    FAST Global Marketing
    Fast Track
    Fathomless Inc
    Felix Herber
    Fenix Consulting Group
    Fezile Tshabalala
    Fiat Lux
    Fierce Focus
    Fika Moss
    Fire Inc
    Fire Inc Atlanta
    First Choice Communications
    First Class Innovations
    First Class Solutions
    First Face LTD
    First phoenix Promotions
    First Point
    First Strike Consulting
    Five Four Solutions
    Five Nine Solutions
    Flash Management
    Flashmob Solutions
    Flexible Marketing
    Florida Business Consulting
    Flosusm Smith
    FM Marketing
    Focus Organisation
    Folsusm Smith
    Forest City Consulting
    Forgestrong Management
    Fort Vision Marketing
    Forte Vision Marketing
    Fortitude Plethora
    Fortune Global
    Forward Continuance International
    Fountain City Management
    Four Bridges Inc
    Four Pillars Executives
    Four Pillars Marketing
    Francesca Apolito
    Freeman Brothers Inc
    Freeman Empires Inc
    Freestate Business Concepts
    Frontier Promotions
    Frost Marketing Inc
    Full Circle International
    Fusion Group
    Future Generation Marketing
    FX Promotions
    G F Bentley Inc
    G Solutions Enterprise
    G&C Marketing Concepts
    G&H Acquisitions Inc
    Gabe Rahban
    Gail Michalak
    Galore Enterprises
    Garden State Marketing
    Gareth Byrne
    Gareth Roberts
    Garnet Events
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    Gary Fatino
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    Gavin Walsh
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    GB Marketing Enterprise
    GE Marketing
    GEM Sydney
    Gen X Management
    Generation Marketing
    Genesis Business Partnership
    Genesis Marketing
    Genuine Acquisitions
    George Graffy
    George Papalexandratos
    Gerard Linnane
    GH & Associates
    GHS Acquisitions
    GIA & Associates
    Giang Doan
    Gianni Rae Associates
    Gillian O’Brien
    Gladiator Marketing Group
    Gladys Gonzalez
    Glasgow Interactive
    Glasgow Promotions
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    Glen Lowes
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    Glenn Knox
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    Global Elite Solutions
    Global Events and Marketing
    Global Expansion Concepts
    Global Incorporated Raleigh
    Global Nation Enterprises Inc
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    Global Vision Group
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    Golden Events Group
    Golden Square Inc
    Golden State of Mind Marketing
    GoldIcon Enterprise
    Gotham Outsourcing
    GR-Southern States Management Group
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    Gray’s Industries
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    H3 Concepts
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    Hagler And Associates
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    Happy Valley Marketing Solutions
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    Haywire Inc
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    Heather Weatherly
    Hector Montalvo
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    Heights Inc
    Helium Consulting
    Hemingway Consulting Inc
    Heng Enterprise Inc
    Hero Corp
    Hidef Advertising
    High Tide Inc Wisconsin
    Highland Presents Inc
    Hilary Thurmond
    Hiroki Ando
    Hiroki Sato
    Hisham Muhammad Yusof
    Holden Group and Associates
    Holistic Enterprise Inc
    Holly Bates
    HOLOS Consulting
    Hook Management
    Hoosier Client Connections
    Horizon Innovations
    Horizon Media Solutions
    Houston Business Consulting Inc
    Houston Marketing Worx
    Howard Bivens Jr.
    Howie Seymour
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    Huw Roberts-Harry
    Hyde Trust Group
    Hype Initiatives
    I2I Marketing Group
    I3 Marketing
    i5 Solutions
    i5 Solutions Inc
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    ICE Profession
    Iconic Promotions
    Ideal Marketing Group
    Identity Enterprise
    IE Marketing Inc
    iEmpire Marketing
    Illuminate Marketing Concepts
    IMP Global
    Impact International Group
    Impact Marketing Solutions
    Impact Promotional Consulting
    Imperia Management
    Imperial Innovations
    Imran Younus
    IMZ Marketing
    Inbound Marketing
    INC 2000
    Independent Core Strategies
    Indianapolis Business Consultants
    Indre Bendoriute
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    Infinite Group Inc
    Infinite Marketing Group
    Infinity Advertising Solutions
    Infinity Concepts
    Initium consulting Inc
    Inner Circle Marketing
    Innovate Industries
    Innovation Marketing
    Innovative Client Connections
    Innovative Future Inc
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    Insight Marketing Group
    Inspiring Career Solutions
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    Integral International
    Intensity Marketing Inc
    International Management Partners
    Intrepid Marketing Inc
    Intune Marketing
    InZone Marketing Inc
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    Iron Will Events
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    Shayne Way
    Shelby Porter
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    Signature Inc
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    Silver Lion Inc
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    Skipper Mphahlele
    Sky Blue Management
    Sky High Executives
    Sky High Marketing
    Sky Inc
    Sky Net Advantage
    Skylimit Creations
    Skyline Marketing
    Slate & Bow
    Slight Edge Consulting
    Smart Circle International
    SMC Direct Marketing
    SMC Executives
    SMI Solutions Inc
    SMS marketing
    SnowBird Advertising
    Socio Max
    Sol Legacy Consulting
    Solvy Seven
    Sonny Valcin
    Sophinna Asif
    Soturi Inc
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    Source Interactive Inc
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    South Inc
    Southern States Management Group
    Sparq Promotions
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    Spectrum Solutions
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    Spiritus Management Inc
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    SSR Prime Marketing
    Stacked Solutions
    Stalwart Management Group Inc
    Standard Marketing Events
    STC Direct
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    Stellar Integrated Store Consultants
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    Steven John Cygan
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    Strategic Advertising Solutions
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    Summit Consulting Partners
    Summit Innovations
    Summit Retail Solutions
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    Superior Expansions Inc
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    Supreme Management Group
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    Suttle and King
    Swan Global
    Swan Global Direct
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    Sweet Ideas Marketing Inc
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    Symbio Global
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    Synergy Management
    Synergy Management Group
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    The Austin Focus Inc
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    The Driven Group
    The Evo Group
    The Firm Consultants Inc
    The Firm Organisation
    The Interactive Team
    The Intercoastal Group
    The Invictus Group
    The Legion Group
    The London Group
    The Momentum Group
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    The Spin Group
    The Stellar Organisation
    The Storm Promotions Group
    The Tailored Group
    The Valley Management Group
    The View Group
    Theuns Bezuidenhout
    Think Like Wassall
    Thinking Forward Events
    Third Coast Events
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    Three Point Executives
    Three Sixty Sourcing
    Thrive Events
    Thrive Marketing
    Tidal Concepts
    Tidewater Marketing Group
    Tier 1 Event Management Inc
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    Titan Business Solutions
    Titan Elements
    Titanium Events Management
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    TJB Group
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    Total Entrepreneurs Concepts
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    Tracks Marketing & Management
    Trademark Management Group
    Trail Blazers Marketing
    Trew Marketing
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    Tri-City Marketing Solutions
    Trinity Bell Marketing
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    Triple Crown Events
    Triple Threat Marketing
    Triumphant Marketing Inc
    True Lead Marketing Group
    True lead marketing group
    True Vision Enterprises
    Trust Group
    TSM Motreal
    TTM Inc
    Tulsa Event Management Inc
    Tulsi Jain
    Twenty Three
    Twinstar Inc
    Tyler Ward
    Ultimate Media Solutions
    Ultimate Source Marketing
    UMC Direct
    Una Innovations Inc
    Unified Horions Inc
    Unique Creations Company Inc
    Unity Peak Marketing
    Universal Endeavors Inc
    Unlimited Possibilities Inc
    Uproar Vision
    Uprooted Consulting
    Uptown Consulting
    US Marketing Alliance
    Utara Chidir
    Uwe Kneile
    V I P Consulting Group
    V I T A L Marketing
    Vaddo Inc
    Vaeo Marketing
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    Veritas Inc
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    Verum Management
    Vibe Advertising
    Vibe Industries
    Vice Management Group
    Victory Concept
    Victory Solutions
    Victory Solutions Enterprises
    Vidya Concepts
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    VIM Solutions Inc
    Vince Scorrano
    Vincent Brown
    Vincerelit Marketing Group
    Vincero Inc
    Vintage Associates
    Vintage Visions
    Viogee Inc
    Virgin Empire Inc
    Vishunu Annapareddy
    Vision Innovations
    Vision Marketing
    Vision One Marketing
    Visionary Acquisitions
    Visionary Marketing Concepts
    Visions marketing
    VisionX International Pte Ltd
    Vista Eminence Marketing Inc
    Visual Connect
    Visual insights limited
    Visual Insights LTD
    Vital Marketing Solutions
    Vitality Consulting Inc
    Vivacity Group Inc
    Vivid Advertising Solutions
    Vivid Marketing Inc
    VMG Global
    Walker Retail Solutions
    Wallace & Company Management Inc
    Wallace Morgan Inc
    Warwick Organisation
    Watermark Business Solutions
    Wave Executives
    Wave Marketing
    Wayne Wnag Wei
    Waypoint Consulting
    WE Business Strategies
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    Wolf Trail Group
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    XA Marketing
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    Yeo Wey Chyi
    Yesenia Andrade
    Yogendra Gour
    Young Empire AdvanEdge
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    Zachary Hogue
    Zack Schuch
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