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Devil Corp’s System and Nomenclature


No matter where they go, what they sell, or what they’re calling themselves on any given day, their system remains unchanged.  Below is a brief outline of what a sales rep in Smart Circle’s Directv program will have to endure.  This wouldn’t be much different for a rep in any other branch of this worldwide social engineering disaster.

Similarities on how Devil Corp offices operate vs. how cults operate is a subject worthy of some consideration.

1. Subject the member to fatigue and or stressful conditions.

Like a cult, fatiguing a new rep is very important to Devil Corp. Generally speaking, a rep/leader in the Directv program will arrive at the office around 9:30 or 10:00 am.  They’re then subjected to the brainwashing of “atmosphere” before going to the field to sell where they’ll be on their feet all day long playing the game of abuse for cash till about 7:00 or 8:00 pm.

Between the time they leave their houses and get back, they’ve worked the better part of twelve hours with a handful of peanuts to show for their efforts.  Reps will do this for six days a week and when they do get their day off, they’re too tired to do anything but the chores they’ve neglected.  This unrelenting schedule leads to…

2. Social disruption and isolation.

Reps will naturally be isolated from friends and family due to the grueling work schedule.  Later, they’re pressured into eliminating influences and people who are not sold on the business because “they will hold you back”.

It’s not uncommon for reps to live with one another or even with their manager and sometimes it’s the only way to make ends meet. Living with field reps allows an owner to reinforce Devil Corp’s disinformation while quelling dissent before it becomes unmanageable.

There are also team building nights and conventions designed to keep them cocooned in the shell the company has created.

3. Control of information.

The owner uses the tools given to him by Devil Corp to keep a steady stream of propaganda directed at the rep.  It all starts with the morning routine where a worker enters a room with upbeat music and “positive” people.  This is where they’ll brainwash reps on their “opportunity” and get them to bond with those who are newly recruited.

Information is carefully controlled in this setting.  If people are being negative or have objections, they are isolated and leaders will bombard them with memorized rebuttals to counter their concerns.  Leaders will also ensure they’re not left alone for fear that they might infect the rest of the group.

This is a choreographed meeting where the owner is treated like a rock star and reps are meant to look up to him and hope beyond all hope that one day they’ll have their own office.

4. Escalating commitment.

As they progress, they must show they’re willing to go the extra mile.  They might end up living with other cultists and be flown all over the country to meet the indoctrinated.  Their phones will ring at all hours of the night with cult members wanting to have a “chit-chat” and this is done so they eat, live, and breathe Devil Corp.  The last thing they want is for reps to have a moment to themselves because they may very well remember who they are and realize they’re being conned.

This world has had its fair share of cult leaders.  David Koresh, Charles Manson, and Jim Jones are just some of the devils we’ve had to deal with.  Why do we allow Devil Corp to function?  If the propaganda of Nazi Germany ran contrary to the values promoted by this country, isn’t it an insult to those who defeated the Third Reich to have an outfit like this do business in the Western world?

DS-Max, Smart Circle International, Innovage, Granton Marketing, Cydcor, Credico, Appco Group, Appco Group Asia, Optimo International, Credico SA, Credico UK, Credico Australia, PerDM, L


What you have to understand is that to Devil Corp, sales reps are nothing more than cannon fodder whose sole purpose in life is to make the company richer than it already is.  They have broken from humanity and have created a malevolent system designed to turn their personnel into zombies who are loyal to the business while shouting Devil Corp mantras all day long.

They have such a low opinion their employees and won’t even show the respect of allowing them to use their native tongue. Instead, they’ll be forced to learn a language the company has created and will be expected to teach this language to others.

Below is a list of some of the words and phrases you might learn while at Devil Corp.

  • J.U.I.C.E. – Join us in creating excitement. This is the be all and end all of Devil Corp lingo.  If someone says “juice?” you should say “juice!” back. 
  • Juice by you –  Congratulations.  
  • Juice by that –  Well done.  
  • Write an app – You write an app when you convince a customer to sign an application.  Feel free to tell any and all lies that will help you make the sale.  Lies will be provided for you if you are unable to construct your own.
  • Ring the bell – To perform well in the field.  
  • The field – Hell on earth.  
  • Negged out – To find yourself in a state of negativity. 
  • Set the pace – To consistently outperform all others. 
  • Law of averages – Roughly put, the more people you speak with, the more sales you will make.  
  • Get excited! – To work yourself into a state of excitement.  Often used sarcastically.
  • 9 to 5 schmuck – Someone who has a 9 to 5 job. They want you to believe this person is lazy and is too secure in their poor existence to try to get ahead in life.
  • Beast/Rhino – A Devil Corp poster child.  Someone who has a great attitude, can sell, build a crew and overcome any negative.   
  • Impact – A mini meeting where they will stain your mind with lies.
  • Atmosphere – The daily morning meeting.  This is where they’ll try to brainwash you on their “opportunity”. 
  • Hey guys? –  If someone shouts this… 
  • Hey what? – The appropriate response.  It’s a Pavlovian response designed to quiet a room so the owner may be heard.  
  • Leader –  A rep who constantly trains new recruits while trying to build a crew. Someone who does all the work and hardly makes any money.
  • Owner – A patsy incorporated by Devil Corp in order to take the fall.
  • Cheaters prosper – Self explanatory.  A phrase used regularly by the higher-ups in the company. 

Besides their new language, Devil Corp will teach its workforce draconian sales systems that will forever tarnish their souls.   

Below is an explanation of their F.U.G.I. factors technique.

  • FEAR OF LOSS.  This is a fear based company and believes it’s the best way go get the better of people.  They think their customers will be more likely to buy if they’re afraid they’ll miss out.  
  • URGENCY.  They don’t want customers to think about their offer because they’ll usually decide against it.
  • GREED.  They believe all people are greedy and will always choose the option that puts the most money in their pockets. 
  • INDIFFERENCE.  They want reps to act as if they don’t care about getting the sale.  They want the customer to think they’re losing by not buying Devil Corp products.

Fear, greed, and the notion that cheaters prosper…  Can you guess what kind of company this is?  It’s a business model written by the Devil himself and it’s guaranteed to take the moral low ground each and every time.


Cydcor, Smart Circle, Credico, and Appco Group are all the same pyramid scheme and this is the site they dare not take to court.

Smart Circle Larry Tenebaum

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