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The Devil Corp Hypothesis

My first taste of the cult came immediately after an appearance on the weekly conference call. I, like any other rep required to appear, was asked to share my personal phone number with everyone in the program. This apparently wasn’t a violation of my privacy and the program head was very casual during the entire call particularly the part when he informed every rep in the nation that they could, if they wanted, give me a call in order to network. I suppose Devil Corp can’t be blamed for everything because I’m the dummy who actually gave out his own number.

They started early that evening, there were plenty of them, and they lasted for days before starting to taper off, turning into a trickle, and finally some two weeks later, I received that most merciful final call. It wasn’t just the quantity of calls but the time in which they were made that was shocking because some reps thought it was acceptable to place their calls very late in the evening and an eleven o’clock work call was not out of the question for these people.

“Hi, I’m so and so from Milwaukee, I’ve been with the company for two days and I’d like to pick your brain because I want to be the best rep in my office”.  As much as I wished so and so well, this wasn’t what I signed up for and after the second call, decided to not answer anything from any number I didn’t know and if some clever rep from Idaho Falls decided to leave a message, the result would be the same as if he’d sent it to the black hole.

Since when was it my responsibility to coach some brand spanking new rep halfway across the country who statistically speaking, wouldn’t be in the business this time next week? I was conducting second round interviews and training our local new hires who wouldn’t be with the company the following week either and that was an activity that affected my production and ultimately my bottom line. As part of the duties of training these new hires, I was required to write their sales and that directly took cash out of my pocket. Once and a while, I would even be required to buy their lunch which again took money out of my pocket and all this was done with no remuneration whatsoever.

Was I now expected to hold some rep’s hand who I had never laid eyes on ever before in my life? The answer to that question would be a resounding yes because at Devil Corp, reps are there to do it all and even the mere thought of questioning its unquestionable authority would be tantamount to a heresy so vile that the Vatican itself might consider calling a crusade.

Appco Group, Credico, Smart Circle International, Cydcor, DS-MAX, Optimo International, Socio Max
The people at the very top of this pyramid are well aware of who they are and what their business is all about. They know that reps don’t last, and I would imagine that among some, these lowly reps would be worth less than toilet paper. I don’t believe for one second that they care about whether or not your time on the phone helps them in any way shape or form. Sure, if you can say something to keep them around for a few more weeks or better yet, convince them of this so called opportunity thereby doing your part in imprisoning them in the system, that would be great, but the point of these calls is not to help them, instead, it’s about having you on the phone.

Could the goal of this company be to enslave its sales force and train them to be obedient and malleable serfs who’ll do exactly what they’re told with no expectation of anything in return? The goal may very well be to have them devote their entire lives to this cause and effectively become one with the company. If that’s the case, what better way of becoming one with the business would there be than spending every waking minute of your life being with that organization while participating in all its activities?

Could it be possible that all their extracurricular activities are designed to ensure every minute of your day is spent with them making you, for all intents and purposes, a slave to the business? Morning meetings, networking, team nights, conventions, R&R, there’s always something you could be doing with the company right now isn’t there? Then, after your 12 hour day, back at your house, tired and savoring the one or maybe two hours you have to yourself before passing out from exhaustion… That’s when you get your eleven o’clock call from someone whose sole reason for calling may be to steal what little time has not already been stolen effectively making you a company man because now you’ve spent your entire day with that organization.

Is it possible those late calls were not rude or inconsiderate and that the people making them knew exactly what they were doing? Could they have been doing their jobs? Devil Corp is a cult, it’s been proven to be a cult, and it would be illogical to believe they wouldn’t behave like a cult.  What if so and so form Milwaukee wasn’t actually so and so from Milwaukee but was in fact a bonafide cult member calling to glean information, plant a seed, or to ensure you’re playing ball or at the very least going through the motions? What if so and so had friends?

Could there be that within this company exists a network of organized, connected, and determined cult members all working in concert and towards the same goal of enslaving human beings? It wouldn’t be all that difficult and someone new to the business wouldn’t stand a chance. Being new, they wouldn’t know the people or what actually goes on in private conversations and behind closed doors. The company on the other hand, could find out everything they wanted to know about the new person very quickly because everyone who comes in contact with them, would once again, be acting in concert and towards the same goal. If information wouldn’t be all difficult to gather, could it be possible to use such a network to effect change in that person’s behavior? What if everyone that person associated with were on the same page and whether through suggestion or other means, constantly planted the same seed over and over again? Would that seed start to grow?

Could apparently random and unconnected events be a ruse designed to shackle you to the Devil Corp slave ship? 

How about a hypothetical example?

What if the cult’s mission for the week were to convince a rep to work extra hours? Maybe his owner would call him into the office and commend him on the great job he’s been doing. Because he’s so impressed, he decides to give the rep some tips to help him get ahead in the company and says something like “You know Jimmy, back when I was a rep, what really helped me get noticed was working late every night. I made extra sales and that impressed not just my owner, but other owners, and that’s why I was promoted before everyone else. This company loves people who go the extra mile”.

Jimmy makes a mental note of this conversation and later on that week, he’s on the phone networking with that friendly rep he met at a convention last month who just happens to be a bonafide cult member in on the whole thing. She’s very excited and says something like “Hey Jimmy, you’re not going to believe it but I worked late these last two nights and I made three extra sales! Isn’t that great? Love the company!  Love the company!” Later on that night, Jimmy is in bed just after his eleven o’clock call and starts thinking to himself that working late might be OK and the very next day, he’s still in the field after everyone has gone home while his owner and that friendly rep are on the phone with each other having a good laugh because they got this poor rep to work more hours for them when they’ve never worked late ever in their lives.

Is Devil Corp capable of doing something like this?

Smart Circle International, Larry Tenebaum, The Smart Circle, Kevin Faulconer VILLA MONTEZUMA Avie Roth David Alvarez Bonnie Dumanis ENCINITAS PerDM Mike Diaz FASION VALLEY Congregation ADAT Yeshurun SAN DIEGO NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM CORANADO FLEET SCIENCE CENTER Larry Tenebaum SCRIPPS CARLSBAD SILVER STRAND San Diego WYATT EARP OCEANSIDE Tifereth Israel Synagogue Socio Max UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO Lorie Bragg Temple Emanu-El Jesse Young MARITIME MUSEUM OF SAN DIEGO BALBOA PARK SAN DIEGO SHERIFF Universal Protection Service Myrtle Cole HORTON PLAZA Congregation Beth El MISSION BEACH Appco Group SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE SAN DIEGO AIR & SPACE MUSEUM BARRIO LOGAN SAN DIEGO CENTRAL LIBRARY Mikvah Israel Ner Tamid Synagogue Ken Jewish Community MISSION VALLEY MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS Smart Circle International Young Jewish Professionals of San Diego San Diego District Attorney's office SAN DIEGO PADRES MOONLIGHT BEACH ESCONDIDO Jewish Federation of San Diego County SAN DIEGO CIVIC THEATRE OLD TOWN Jesse young Appco Group Asia Mona Rios Congregation Beth Israel David Arambula San Diego Metropolitan Transit System Newport Beach COPLEY SYMPHONY HALL Vera Quinn Congregation Beth Am Optimo International PORT OF SAN DIEGO MINGEI INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM OCEAN BEACH Chabad House POINT LOMA SAN DIEGO ZOO Ohr Shalom Synagogue SOLANA BEACH CONVENTION CENTER Chabad of Downtown S. Diego Bill Sandke Gary Polson Beth Jacob Congregation Agoura Hills SPRECKELS CARMEL VALLEY LITTLE ITALY San Diego Jewish Men's Choir Michael Meryash Cydcor Mary Casillas Salas Innovage SAN DIEGO CITY HALL MISSION HILLS Chris Niarchos USS MIDWAY MUSEUM Credico UK Credico U S GRANT HOTEL Temple Solel Granton Marketing Judge Jay Bloom Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center Kehilat Ariel Messianic Jim Cunningham SPRECKLES ORGAN PAVILION Credico SA SAN DIEGO SYMPHONY DEL MAR Jewish Collaborative of San Diego MARINA EMBARCADERO CASA DEL PRADO THEATRE BALBOA THEATRE LA JOLLA Summer Stephan MISSION BAY CABRILLO BRIDGE COLUMBIA ALONZO HORTON CALIFORNIA TOWER Temple Adat Shalom Chabad Jewish Center Carmel Valley-Del Mar Ronn Hall Cobra Group of Companies CIVIC CORE Bob McClellan John Rankins Antoine Nohra SAN DIEGO MUSEUM OF ART SAN DIEGO POLICE DEPARTMENT CORTEZ Young Israel of San Diego JUAN RODRIGUEZ CABRILLO 4TH AND B Austin Marshall STAR OF INDIA SAN DIEGO AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM Temple Beth Shalom EAST VILLAGE Georgette Gomez Credico Australia San Diego Superior Court Guy McWhirter Jim Majeski Ron Roberts PETCO PARK Chabad of San Diego SAN MARCOS Chabad of Pacific Beach Congregation B'nai Tikvah DS-Max Murray Reinhart  Cydcor, Gary Polson, OCEAN BEACH Temple Emanu-El Beth Jacob Congregation Kevin Faulconer POINT LOMA SOLANA BEACH FLEET SCIENCE CENTER Congregation Beth Am SAN DIEGO PADRES Bonnie Dumanis LA JOLLA STAR OF INDIA SAN DIEGO NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM Bob McClellan Jewish Federation of San Diego County Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center San Diego Murray Reinhart SAN DIEGO ZOO BARRIO LOGAN BALBOA PARK Gary Polson Ronn Hall MISSION BAY Chabad Jewish Center Carmel Valley-Del Mar Chris Niarchos ALONZO HORTON Bill Sandke Smart Circle International San Diego Jewish Men's Choir SAN DIEGO SHERIFF SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE Jim Majeski MINGEI INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM ENCINITAS SCRIPPS SAN DIEGO CITY HALL Austin Marshall Jesse Young Appco Group Asia SAN DIEGO POLICE DEPARTMENT OLD TOWN Temple Adat Shalom Larry Tenebaum Ron Roberts Credico Chabad of Downtown S. Diego Chabad House U S GRANT HOTEL Ner Tamid Synagogue Summer Stephan Congregation Beth El Jewish Collaborative of San Diego Mary Casillas Salas Lorie Bragg Tifereth Israel Synagogue Credico Australia ESCONDIDO Ken Jewish Community Young Jewish Professionals of San Diego SAN DIEGO AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM OCEANSIDE Agoura Hills Ohr Shalom Synagogue CORTEZ MISSION VALLEY David Arambula Guy McWhirter DEL MAR Universal Protection Service Optimo International PORT OF SAN DIEGO SAN DIEGO CENTRAL LIBRARY Appco Group MARITIME MUSEUM OF SAN DIEGO Myrtle Cole LITTLE ITALY Congregation Beth Israel Jim Cunningham FASION VALLEY Chabad of Pacific Beach SAN DIEGO SYMPHONY MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS COPLEY SYMPHONY HALL UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO Congregation B'nai Tikvah SILVER STRAND SPRECKLES ORGAN PAVILION Vera Quinn San Diego Superior Court Cobra Group of Companies EAST VILLAGE SAN DIEGO CIVIC THEATRE David Alvarez Innovage SAN DIEGO AIR & SPACE MUSEUM CIVIC CORE CARLSBAD Mona Rios Credico UK MARINA CARMEL VALLEY Mike Diaz Chabad of San Diego CONVENTION CENTER MISSION BEACH PerDM JUAN RODRIGUEZ CABRILLO San Diego District Attorney's office Judge Jay Bloom Kehilat Ariel Messianic Michael Meryash Temple Beth Shalom Granton Marketing SAN MARCOS Cydcor John Rankins PETCO PARK Socio Max Jesse young CASA DEL PRADO THEATRE WYATT EARP HORTON PLAZA VILLA MONTEZUMA CABRILLO BRIDGE MOONLIGHT BEACH Congregation ADAT Yeshurun Mikvah Israel USS MIDWAY MUSEUM EMBARCADERO SAN DIEGO MUSEUM OF ART COLUMBIA CALIFORNIA TOWER Avie Roth 4TH AND B San Diego Metropolitan Transit System Antoine Nohra Temple Solel SPRECKELS Newport Beach Young Israel of San Diego Credico SA MISSION HILLS Georgette Gomez BALBOA THEATRE CORANADO DS-Max  Appco Group, Chris Niarchos, The Cobra Group of Companies, CONVENTION CENTER Myrtle Cole San Diego Jewish Men's Choir CALIFORNIA TOWER David Arambula ALONZO HORTON Kevin Faulconer Newport Beach Ronn Hall EMBARCADERO UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO CORTEZ Ron Roberts Chabad of San Diego Jim Majeski John Rankins STAR OF INDIA SAN DIEGO CITY HALL SAN DIEGO SHERIFF PerDM EAST VILLAGE U S GRANT HOTEL Antoine Nohra Gary Polson OCEAN BEACH San Diego District Attorney's office Chris Niarchos Young Jewish Professionals of San Diego USS MIDWAY MUSEUM Chabad of Pacific Beach SAN DIEGO MUSEUM OF ART Smart Circle International Austin Marshall SAN DIEGO NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM Cydcor MARITIME MUSEUM OF SAN DIEGO SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE Bonnie Dumanis Murray Reinhart ENCINITAS Congregation B'nai Tikvah OLD TOWN MISSION BAY Credico Australia OCEANSIDE Granton Marketing Jesse Young JUAN RODRIGUEZ CABRILLO Summer Stephan SAN DIEGO CIVIC THEATRE Larry Tenebaum Jim Cunningham Bob McClellan Cobra Group of Companies Credico Optimo International Jewish Federation of San Diego County Vera Quinn Mary Casillas Salas Kehilat Ariel Messianic CABRILLO BRIDGE SILVER STRAND MISSION VALLEY BALBOA PARK Ken Jewish Community COLUMBIA CASA DEL PRADO THEATRE MISSION BEACH Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center San Diego COPLEY SYMPHONY HALL Temple Adat Shalom SAN DIEGO SYMPHONY Tifereth Israel Synagogue SAN DIEGO AIR & SPACE MUSEUM MOONLIGHT BEACH SAN DIEGO PADRES VILLA MONTEZUMA Innovage Temple Beth Shalom ESCONDIDO Beth Jacob Congregation Mike Diaz 4TH AND B SAN DIEGO CENTRAL LIBRARY BARRIO LOGAN PETCO PARK MISSION HILLS SAN DIEGO POLICE DEPARTMENT Mikvah Israel San Diego Superior Court Temple Solel Congregation Beth Am Socio Max Appco Group Asia DEL MAR Avie Roth Ner Tamid Synagogue Mona Rios MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS CORANADO Chabad House Chabad Jewish Center Carmel Valley-Del Mar Young Israel of San Diego CARLSBAD SPRECKLES ORGAN PAVILION SAN MARCOS PORT OF SAN DIEGO David Alvarez Credico UK SAN DIEGO AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM Bill Sandke Congregation ADAT Yeshurun SOLANA BEACH Guy McWhirter BALBOA THEATRE Agoura Hills DS-Max Jewish Collaborative of San Diego LITTLE ITALY Appco Group MINGEI INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM POINT LOMA Chabad of Downtown S. Diego HORTON PLAZA LA JOLLA Jesse young Universal Protection Service Ohr Shalom Synagogue Georgette Gomez SPRECKELS Congregation Beth Israel MARINA FLEET SCIENCE CENTER SAN DIEGO ZOO CARMEL VALLEY SCRIPPS San Diego Metropolitan Transit System FASION VALLEY CIVIC CORE Credico SA Congregation Beth El WYATT EARP Judge Jay Bloom Lorie Bragg Temple Emanu-El Michael Meryash  Credico, Antoine Nohra, Smart Circle International, Cydcor, Appco Group, Beth Jacob Congregation Appco Group Asia SAN DIEGO AIR & SPACE MUSEUM Chabad Jewish Center Carmel Valley-Del Mar John Rankins LA JOLLA SILVER STRAND CORTEZ OCEANSIDE MARITIME MUSEUM OF SAN DIEGO SAN DIEGO CENTRAL LIBRARY SAN DIEGO POLICE DEPARTMENT COLUMBIA SCRIPPS SAN DIEGO SHERIFF MINGEI INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM POINT LOMA VILLA MONTEZUMA Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center Mona Rios STAR OF INDIA Myrtle Cole CARMEL VALLEY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO Chris Niarchos LITTLE ITALY 4TH AND B EMBARCADERO Credico SA Chabad of Pacific Beach SAN DIEGO SYMPHONY DS-Max Young Israel of San Diego Summer Stephan MOONLIGHT BEACH Larry Tenebaum Newport Beach SAN MARCOS Ner Tamid Synagogue San Diego Superior Court Cydcor Murray Reinhart BALBOA THEATRE Cobra Group of Companies Georgette Gomez USS MIDWAY MUSEUM SOLANA BEACH Vera Quinn SAN DIEGO AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM OLD TOWN Kevin Faulconer SPRECKELS CALIFORNIA TOWER Jewish Federation of San Diego County PETCO PARK Granton Marketing Tifereth Israel Synagogue David Alvarez Ken Jewish Community David Arambula Kehilat Ariel Messianic CONVENTION CENTER San Diego Jewish Men's Choir CABRILLO BRIDGE Agoura Hills San Diego District Attorney's office Lorie Bragg SAN DIEGO CIVIC THEATRE U S GRANT HOTEL Mary Casillas Salas Socio Max MISSION VALLEY Chabad House SAN DIEGO ZOO Bonnie Dumanis BARRIO LOGAN Ron Roberts MISSION BEACH Universal Protection Service EAST VILLAGE Ohr Shalom Synagogue FLEET SCIENCE CENTER Judge Jay Bloom Jim Majeski OCEAN BEACH CIVIC CORE PerDM MISSION BAY Mike Diaz Ronn Hall WYATT EARP Michael Meryash Congregation ADAT Yeshurun Appco Group SAN DIEGO MUSEUM OF ART CASA DEL PRADO THEATRE Guy McWhirter PORT OF SAN DIEGO SPRECKLES ORGAN PAVILION MISSION HILLS Bill Sandke Temple Solel HORTON PLAZA JUAN RODRIGUEZ CABRILLO Young Jewish Professionals of San Diego SAN DIEGO CITY HALL Chabad of San Diego Jesse Young Temple Adat Shalom San Diego ALONZO HORTON Jewish Collaborative of San Diego CORANADO Temple Beth Shalom Chabad of Downtown S. Diego Optimo International COPLEY SYMPHONY HALL MARINA SAN DIEGO NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM Congregation B'nai Tikvah Antoine Nohra Smart Circle International SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE Congregation Beth El Jesse young Gary Polson San Diego Metropolitan Transit System FASION VALLEY Temple Emanu-El MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS Congregation Beth Israel Avie Roth CARLSBAD Jim Cunningham Mikvah Israel Austin Marshall Credico Australia Credico BALBOA PARK Innovage ESCONDIDO Credico UK SAN DIEGO PADRES DEL MAR Bob McClellan Congregation Beth Am ENCINITAS

Cydcor, Smart Circle, Credico and Appco Group may very well be the four horsemen as foretold by Saint John the Evangelist.

Cydcor Avie Roth

SAN DIEGO SUPERIOR COURT JUDGES: Lorna A. Alksne, Edward P. Allard III, Robert O. Amador, Carlos O. Armour, Katherine A. Bacal, Jeffrey B. Barton, David L. Berry, Frank Birchak, Laura J. Birkmeyer, Jay M. Bloom, Jeffrey S. Bostwick, Blaine K. Bowman, Matthew C. Braner, Joseph P. Brannigan, David Brown, Desiree A. Bruce-Lyle, Gary M. Bubis, Carolyn M. Caietti, Enrique E. Camarena, Yvonne Esperanza Campos, Rachel Cano, Timothy M. Casserly, Patricia K. Cookson, Robert P. Dahlquist, David J. Danielsen, William S. Dato, Cindy D. Davis ,Peter C. Deddeh, Francis M. Devaney ,Laura Duffy ,Harry M. Elias, Kevin A. Enright, Selena D. Epley, Ana L. Espana, Herbert J. Exarhos, Eugenia A. Eyherabide.  Smart Circle International, DS-MAX, Cydcor, Credico, Appco Group, Cobra Group of Companies, Innovage, PerDM, Optimo International. vụ kiện, demanda judicial, الاعمال الخيرية, velgørenhed, goeddoel, kawanggawa, charité, Nächstenliebe, 慈善机构, φιλανθρωπία, दान पुण्य, amal, carità, 慈善団体, 자선, dobroczynność, ਦਾਨ, благотворительная деятельность, caridad, การกุศล, Ma Bell. Capital Growth South Africa, The Unlimited, Brand Ambassador